We are a consulting creative studio and brand working within the parameters of circularity, craftsmanship and technology

The foundation of our work builds on the concepts of:

Create, Collaborate and Support

Our mission is to Inspire creatives and corporations alike to think of circularity and sustainable innovation as a catalyst of change and a credible framework for economic development and value creation.
We provide strategic sourcing and product development to support emerging or established global brands looking to grow their collections with environmental, and social economic development in mind

We believe in a regenerative, collaborative and transparent future  

Supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs)

Our studio was conceived as a productive response to the Industry hierarchal system. We re-imagined our model with a collaborative and holistic approach to solving complex social and environmental challenges associated with overproduction and economic inequalities across the value chain.


We are part of an interconnected whole

Through our fashion brand initiatives :
Blinded By Color Project there is a community of biologist, artist, artisans and like-minded entrepreneurs working independently or together through guerrilla projects creating circular sustainable economic opportunities while preserving indigenous techniques.

Our model allowed us to build a portion of co-designed and profit-shared capsule collections, collectively building sustainable livelihoods for artisans in rural areas

Clothes are a visual representation of our dreams and values  

Blinded By Color Project


The ultimate universal piece. The garment that unite us all.

Join our gang

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Genderless Resort-wear Caftans made from Fair Trade, Organic certified fabrics sourced from recycled cotton and food waste. Ethically made in India using natural indigenous dyeing and printing techniques. 

 A balance between sustainable innovations and artisanal methods.