We aim to create a more thoughtful wardrobe for you with unique and versatile pieces that can be worn in a myriad of ways.

 Form, Comfort and Functionality are our main inspiration

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the ultimate moment of the creative process is found in the relationship between the product and the consumer.  

Blinded By Color Project

Radical wearables are Caftans made from Fair Trade, Organic certified Biodegradable food waste and plant base fabrics using natural dyes

 1 Caftan supports the installation of a water filter to 1 household in Jaipur, India


Join Our Mission:

We are committed to support, and positively impact, the lives of people and communities who creates our products

"Our mission is to help inspire creatives and consumers to think of circularity and sustainable innovation as a catalyst of change, securing the health of the environment and people's well-being"

 Water scarcity is a big problem globally affecting disadvantage communities  the most. The fashion industry has contributed greatly to create such inequalities resulting in water and landfill pollution affecting the health and well-being of our artisan communities and their Microsystems.

"We can't continue to encourage consumers to buy the new color of the season when our makers don't have access to clean water" 

We must take responsibility and set radical changes in motion.

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The Foundation of our work builds on the concepts of:

Create, Collaborate and Support

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