We are a creative studio working within the parameters of circularity, craftsmanship and technology

The foundation of our work builds on the concepts of:

Create, Collaborate and Support

Clothes are a visual representation of our dreams and values

Our studio was conceived as a productive response to the Industry hierarchal system. We re-imagined our model with a holistic approach to solving complex social and environmental challenges associated with overproduction and the economic inequalities within the supply chain

We believe in a regenerative, collaborative and transparent future   

Behind Milo and Blinded By Color Project label there is a community of fearless collaborators working independently or through guerrilla projects to support economic equality, inclusivity and environmental rights

 Blinded By Color Project  

Socially responsible Resort-wear Caftans made from Fair Trade, Organic certified fabrics, sourced from recycled cotton, agricultural fruit and plant waste using indigenous dyeing and printing techniques. Ethically made in India. 

Our mission is to provide sustainable economic opportunities in rural areas while contributing to the preservation of artisan's ancient techniques

Our goal is not only to move away from using first virgin materials, but also about creating a microsystem between farming and artisans that can benefit all stakeholders.

learn about the natural dye process: Blinded By Color Project here