Welcome to milo' Guerrilla Creative studio & online shop. 

The foundation of our work builds on the concepts of:



We aim to create a more thoughtful wardrobe for you with unique and verstaile pieces that can be worn in a myriad of ways.

 Comfort, Form, and Functionality are our main focus and inspiration

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the ultimate moment of the creative process is found in the relationship between the product and the consumer.  

"I imagine beautiful pieces hanging in the store. Although everyone can see how beautiful they are, they have no movement, no life until someone makes them their own. Our clothes are made to be experienced, to move in them, to live in them and be part of who you are"- Mireia Lopez

Our mission is to foster a culture of unity and collectives values through our collections

We honor artisanal traditions and sustainable innovative processes.

Through our collaborative business model, we work with like-minded creators through "guerrilla projects" that work within the parameters of craftsmanship, sustainability, and technology.

We make limited-run knitwear using innovative technology all year around and only re-making them when needed, aiming to reduce over-production and ultimately waste.

We aim to contribute to the economy and the well-being of indigenous rural communities through craft, creating hand knits and textiles using artisanal traditional techniques. We strive to create, share and learn from the knowledge without appropriating designs strongly engraved in their culture. 

Our business is more than just a product. We believe in teamwork and equality. Directly or through our partners and collaborators, we ensure each man and women receives equal living wages for every textile, knit and sewn garment

We are a part of the slow fashion movement, "slow" to us means evolving as we are learning, and having the time to think, evaluate and implement thoughtful sustainable strategies in all phases of our business: from the design to the sales of our collections.


We are part of an interconnected whole

Sustainability and Human rights are symbiotic.

We have the strength to walk alone or together as part of the group. When we walk together WE ARE ONE.

It's time to share our values, knowledge, and passion to show the world that it is possible to have it all:

A more sustainable, equal and profitable world. 

We hope you'll join us.

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