About Mireia Lopez.  Founder of Milo Tricot Consultant Inc

Being a designer was an organic process. Having grown up in her family’s manufacturing business. Mireia first learned the craft by "doing it" guided by the expert hands of craft makers and, becoming acquaintances with the apparel industry from "behind the scenes". After graduating from F.E.L.I (LCI) in Barcelona, in the arts and techniques of fashion, Mireia spent the next twenty five years working for some of the fashion industry’s leading brands and retailers in Europe such as Mango and in the United States, where she finally settled.

At the age of 29, Gen Art selected her as one of the “Fresh Faces in Fashion 2002” show. It was testament to Mireia’s craftsmanship. According to Fashion Wire Daily, Mireia “presented some of the most refined and intriguing knits seen on the New York runways in some time” presenting a collection of 0 waste knitwear

In 2009 Mireia launch Milo Tricot Consultant Inc and her own milo’ label with sales distribution at major luxury stores within the United States, Canada and Japan. The vast majority of her work has been seen in the fashion runways and print now for two decades bringing her expertise to designer collections such Miguel Adrover, Christian Siriano and others. One of her proudest commissions was to create and produced the knitwear collections for Zac Posen, resulting in a made to order dress for Michele Obama.

In 2017 she joined the Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator (BF+DA) as a Research Fellow and a Co-leader of the T-LAB Tek-Tiles program. Mireia’s role was to work with and mentor International students from major universities, the process of presentation and creation of human centered design products and the creation of experimental form, examining the potential of new technologies in human applications. Each tech-material was assesed for it's environmental and societal impact.

Mireia continue using her visionary leadership & expertise to support emerging or established global brands looking to grow their collections with environmental, social and economic development in mind.