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Milo Tricot Consultant Inc. was founded in 2008 by Mireia Lopez, a Barcelona native and proud New Yorker.

Being a designer was an organic process. Having grown up in her family’s manufacturing business, she quickly learned how to manipulate fabric and operate industrial sewing machines at a very early age, she likes to recall those years of experimenting with draping, and deconstruction as the base and formation for her interest in design and the construction of garments.

After graduating from F.E.L.I in Barcelona, Mireia spent the next twenty five years working for some of the fashion industry’s leading brands and retailers in Europe and in the United States such as Mango and The Gap, as well as responsible for creating some innovated concepts and Avant-guard knitwear collections for runway designers including Miguel Adrover, Zac Posen, Cushnie et Ochs and others.



Milo Tricot Creative Studio 

We provide with Creative Direction, Design & Production services to emerging and established designers.


New York, USA

Boston, MA


Los Angeles, CA

Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain



Research Fellow @ t.LAB

We are honored to participate in The t.LAB as Research Fellows @ BD+DA and be involved since the inception with the TEK-TILES team &  BF+DA family.

"The t.LAB is focused on speeding the cycle of responsible innovation by building a unique community with the knowledge and production resources needed to develop and manufacture smart garments and functional fabrics. We focus on new products to improve health and well-being, worker safety, the built environment, and the creation of experimental form.

The BF+DA Research Fellows explore production, materiality, wearable technology and connect technology to a 21st century vision that seeks to redefine the fashion industry"

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