Sushila Chhipa. Bagru, India Travel diaries. 2019


If we could only wear one garment. What would it be? The Caftan

The ultimate universal piece. The garment that unite us all.

Genderless resort-wear caftans made from Fair Trade and organic global recycled certified cotton and Bio fruit waste fibers using indigenous dyeing and printing techniques.



 We refuse a society which dictates who should we love, how should we dress, what should we do, and in which favors social status and profits against environmental and human rights

 The spaces between our breaths enter back into our natural state, where “I” falls away and we exist as “one” together. We are united by the web of life; we are a strand in it. The earth is part of our being, our self and, the universe our creator. It is with this affirmation of the interconnectedness of all things where we found our home

We are the souls who dare to manifest freedom. The Caftan life.

The ultimate universal piece. The garment that unites all people.

Join our gang.

The Blinded By Color Project

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Blinded by Color Project

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Elliot pants in teal combo stripe Quick shop
Elliot pants in abstract mosaic print Quick shop