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We are so proud to be part of this amazing project at the BF+DA.

Thank you Debera Johnson for inviting us to the "master mind" team. The future is now!

"The inaugural design sprint has challenged a collaborative R&D team from eight universities to investigate new materials and create a library of over thirty swatches that will inspire new ideas for responsible products and demonstrate the production capacity of the BF+DA p.LAB.

The team is also examining the potential for human applications and adapting production processes to accommodate the constraints of each material. Each tech-material will be assessed for its environmental and societal impacts creating the first resource for sustainable technology."

Learn more here: http://bkaccelerator.com/tek-tiles/


Photo of three team members working on swatch technology testings: Jacob Lemon, Zhi-Jian Xiong and Sandra Atakora


The Balance Pants Prototype was designed to support the lower back with a wearable devise sensors to monitor muscle's stress. Created to help housekeeping workers to avoid injuries, giving them a tool to learn good posture to perform their jobs safely through an app.


Photo of Zhi-Jian Xiong and Debera Johnson with The Balance pants



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