“I was honored to be invited by the BF+DA - T.LAB and co-lead a group of 14 talented  designers, engineers and students from universities within USA and Europe at the TEK-TILE summer programs 2017-2018 to invent products that integrate technology into smart garments and functional textiles. Last year’s 2017 TEK-TILES have been displayed in three public exhibitions and will soon be included in the Material Connexion Innovation library. The future is now.”

“It is our duty to innovate while protecting our well-being and the environment, specially when using conductive threads, carbon materials, circuit boards and batteries. It is important to implement circular design strategies from concept stage, we must use critical thinking and out of the box solutions to stay sustainable in the long term.”

Mireia Lopez

The t.LAB Research Fellows represent a creative community of designers, technologists, academic researchers and responsible hackers.

The t.LAB is focused on speeding the cycle of responsible innovation by building a unique community with the knowledge and production resources needed to develop and manufacture smart garments and functional fabrics. We focus on new products to improve health and well-being, worker safety, the built environment, and the creation of experimental form. Our research fellows have emerged as exceptional leaders in the field of technology-inspired apparel


Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator projects aim to keep people healthy


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TEK TILES mireia Lopez NY1

NY1 VIDEO: After Fashion Week, there's often a focus on the trends that emerged. The "Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator" might have their finger on the biggest trend of all. Stephanie Simon reports.


 TEK-TILES Library swatch: The Honeycomb 

TEK TILES BF+DA Mireia Lopez Milo tricot

We created 30 swatches and textiles focusing on solution-finding using computerized knitting. 

Pratt Institute TEK TILES Mireia Lopez Milo tricot

Shoes designed by Pratt Master of Industrial Design student project by Nan Zhou and Jiangyi Xu.

The TEK-TILE that resonated with them for the design of their shoe was created by TEK-TILES team leader Mireia Lopez of Milo Tricot. the tile was created to show a 3D type of surface that has the possibility to extra-extend and be able to isolate conductive threads.

Lopez says when she created the tile, she chose one of her favorite knit structures “the honeycomb” where the magic of the design is that stitch structures change or become something else depending on the material or yarn been used. “The beauty of this swatch is the 3D surface extending the knit and letting the colors of the base show through. Or depending in what angle we look at it, the look and colors change. Because of the density, it is also more durable to washes,” says Lopez adding that she’s impressed with the Pratt student’s application of it.  


The AR Jacket concept was a collaboration between designer Mireia Lopez and Deb Johnson as a jacket to demonstrate AR capabilities during public presentations. The Mastermind team created 3D animations that are triggered when the jacket is viewed through an app. The pattern was inspired by a Louise Bourgeois print of animal skin patterns and the goal was to hide the AR marker within the complex pattern. Ultimately this jacket acts as a tool that demonstrates the potential for AR for fashion design and its potential applications on a runway, in stores, and for dramatic creative effects overall. 

AR Jacket- Augmented Reality marker integrated within a wearable garment; 3D animations viewed through an app. The Zodiac interaction concept and app created Mastermind team members: Carly Kvietov, James Litvak and Keanan Pucci


 To learn more about the BF+DA T. LAB and TEK-TILES program. Click link here