Merino wool has proven to be a trusted fiber that has served humankind for centuries. The Merino sheep derived from the Royal Merino flocks in Spain and was introduced to Australia in 1797. Nowadays Australia produces over a fourth of the world’s wool

Our classic Australian extra fine merino wool is machine washable, eco-friendly (Oeko-Tex 100) and Woolmark certified.

Since our first launch of Milo back in 2009, we stayed loyal to Biella Yarn by Suedwolle for their consistent quality and their dedication to technology and sustainability. We spoke with Paolo Fontana, at Biella Yarn to share some interesting facts about the welfare of the animal and the quality of the yarn.

“The manner in which the livestock is kept, reared, cared for and fed determines the quality of the raw material merino wool. Supreme product quality can only be ensured through responsible animal husbandry and farm operation. The farmers play a key role in this context. When we purchase Mount Hesse merino sheep station it brought us closer than ever to the origins of our merino wool and more direct contact with the farmers”

“Mount Hesse merino sheep station is located in southeastern Australia, in the state of Victoria. The same family has operated Mount Hesse for 120 years. A water supply system was developed for the farm, windmill pumps were constructed, and over time, more environmentally compatible pasture management methods were introduced.

The farm’s stock of roughly 20,000 merino sheep supplies raw material for approximately 50,000 kilos of merino wool top. This makes Mount Hesse one of the largest merino wool farms in Australia, although it produces only a small fraction of the material processed by Biella Yarn by Südwolle. The farm allows us to set standards in terms of today’s demands on the quality and good processability of merino wool, while also trying out new concepts – in grazing and animal husbandry, shearing or natural living conditions for the livestock."

Our Merino wool provides with the perfect balanced between functionality and comfort.

Merino is praised for its great breathability, durability, and unique properties. No other natural fiber provides so many characteristics at once;

-It will comfort you throughout various seasons adapting to rapidly changing environmental conditions providing natural insulation from heat to cold.

-It will also absorb moisture, making you feel dry even during your most sweaty activities with the capacity to absorb up to a third of its volume in water without feeling wet.

-it is odor resistant and, provides high levels of UV protection from the sun. Merino wool is also a natural flame retardant and static free.

-Outstanding elasticity due to the structure of the fibers. Easy care, resistance to wrinkling 

We particularly love our merino wool for its soft hand-feel, sophisticated look, and durability