We are a creative studio and online shop.

The foundation of our work build on the concepts of :

Create, Collaborate and Support

We provide creative concept, design, strategic sourcing and development to support emerging or established global brands looking to grow their collections with environmental, social and economic development in mind.

Our mission is to help inspire creatives and consumers to think of circularity and sustainable innovations as a catalyst of change. 

We foster change by encouraging new system thinkings, conducting lifecycle assessments and product-level initiatives from design concept to market.

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Milo Tricot Consultant Inc. was founded in 2009 by Mireia Lopez, a Barcelona native, proud New Yorker and, the creative force behind the milo' label and Blinded By Color Project

Being a designer was an organic process. Having grown up in her family’s manufacturing business, she quickly learned how to manipulate fabric and operate industrial machines at a very early age. Mireia first learned the craft by "doing it" guided by the expert hands of craft makers and, becoming acquaintances with the apparel industry from "behind the scenes".

After graduating from F.E.L.I (LCI) in Barcelona, in the arts and techniques of fashion, Mireia spent the next twenty five years working for some of the fashion industry’s leading brands and retailers in Europe and in the United States such as Mango or Gap, as well as responsible for creating some innovated concepts and Avant-garde collections for runway designers including Miguel Adrover, Zac Posen, Cushnie et Ochs, Christian Siriano, and others

In 2001 she was invited to participate in GEN ART show in New York. Mireia presented a collection of 0 waste knitwear in collaboration with Shima Seiki NY. And Michael Seiz. Stoll. WWD featured her in the story “Fresh Faces” by Nicole Phelps and sold at Barney’s, Henry Bendels and others. Milo’ label has been featured in major fashion and digital magazines such WWD,InStyle or It magazine.

The bast majority of he work has been seen in the fashion runways and print now for two decades, one of her proudest commissions was to create a Fall knitwear collection for Zac Posen, when a made to order dress was worn by Michele Obama.

In 2017-18 she was a Research Fellow at the Brooklyn Fashion Design Accelerator (BF+DA) and, Co-leader of the T-LAB Tek-Tiles program at BF+DA Pratt Institute. Mireia’s role was to work with and mentor International students from major universities, the process of presentation and creation of human centered design products. The T-LAB mainly focused on speeding the cycle of responsible innovation. Inventing new products to improve health and well-being, worker safety, and the creation of experimental form.  The Tek-tiles program essentially examinate the potential of new technologies in human applications and adapting production processes to accommodate the constraints of each material. Each tech-material was assessed for its environmental and societal impacts creating the first resource for sustainable technology.

Mireia in collaboration with Deberah Johnson, Executive Director and the production team at BF+DA created the Presentation Coat. From it’s detachable sleeves  it was designed to operate projecting images and able to be worn in numerous ways.

Most recently, Mireia Lopez was invited to talk about her work Blinded By Color Project  discussing the topic of Food + Fashion, over-production pollution and how both industries can collaboratively create circular economies from waste. The panel was organized by Global Fashion Exchange, Fashion Revolution and UN Peace Boat during Climate Change Week at the Woman Building supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030