We are creative consulting studio and brand working within the parameters of Circularity, Craftsmanship and Technology. Our vision is to Inspire creatives and consumers alike to think of circularity and sustainable innovation as a catalyst of change and a credible framework for economic development and value creation.We provide strategic sourcing and development to support emerging or established global brands looking to grow their collections with environmental, social and economic development in mind

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Blinded By Color Project


If we could only wear one garment. What would it be? The Caftan. The garment that unites all people

Genderless resort-wear Caftans sourced from recycled cotton certified by Global Recycled Standard, food and plant waste, using natural dyes and indigenous dyeing and printing techniques. Ethically made by the experts hands of artisans in India

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Citrus fiber textiles

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True social and economic prosperity can only be possible with equality and justice for all. We stand for PLEOPLE, PLANET & PROFIT

We are a proud member of the ASBC American Sustainable Business Council